Anything is possible

with the right attitude and technology

QUAOAR {qwa.oar}

Out of chaos, creativity … and connections




  • at first there was Chaos. Then along came Quaoar... and began to dance, whirl,and twirl... Quaoar is that glorious

  • metaphysical point/process wherein the ‘All’ creates chaos for the purpose of shaping it into material form.

  • Quaoar is where we have the potential to take that Cosmic chaos and bring it into form. Shaping chaos into form.


The mythological Tongva creation deity and its namesake planetoid Quaoar.

Quaoar Labs

Quaoar Labs is a Sydney-based technovation firm that functions as a startup arm for a range of business types. We are software engineers with big corporate backgrounds. We are conversation-starting game-changers brought together by a shared ideal. We refuse to be contained by labels. We insist on breaking boundaries.


Find quo. Remove from status

We develop novel digital, data, and distribution solutions to help our clients function better.

How we work

Typically we identify a problem or opportunity then tap into the possibilities offered by the latest open source technologies. We often propose a solution (initially conceptual in nature) and get our client involved in the development process.

Our approach, when brainstorming to solve a problem or conceiving a new idea, is to conceive solutions covering the following 3 facets of today’s new information era


Behind every solution is the goal to drive efficiency, transparency, brand value and ultimately, sales.

We build solutions with the aim of addressing needs either unrecognized or unaddressed by Australian businesses. Too often, the entities we help are so busy focusing on their core business that they are simply unaware of the technologies at their disposal. Others have no idea how much gold is in data they do have. We open their eyes.

Alternatively, companies can seek our help as strategic consulting partners to
  • Solve internal process-related problems (when the company acknowledges such problems exist)
  • Build alternate technical solutions, either in the realm of digital, data/analytics or end-to-end distribution domains to achieve specific company goals.


  • Evaluation of business processes
  • Consultation on business improvement
  • Ideation/co-development of technology solutions
  • Implementation of technology execution process

The client’s involvement can be either on a commercial level (financial support for development of the solution) or as a full co-development partnership or shadow development partner.



Market: Retailers

All Passes is an exciting new mobile app on iOS and Android platforms that makes it super convenient for your customers to access their loyalty program benefits, redeem coupons and offers, and enable them to top up points at point of checkout counters. All Passes travels with them wherever they go.

AllPasses simplifies the shopping experience by moving all the customer’s plastic cards and paper coupons from their wallet or handbag onto their mobile phone. This means they are more likely to redeem their coupons (not forgetting them at home) and top up their loyalty points with you.

AllPasses does not store loyalty card points. When a customer uses AllPasses to prove they are a loyal customer of your brand, your checkout counter staff will update the loyalty points and store them.


Market: car dealerships

An exciting mobile platform customer engagement platform that enables businesses to stay connected with customers (or patients) via their mobile devices to keep their brand top of mind. Accelerate has initially been developed and marketed to car dealerships. It enables the car dealership to

  1. nteract via social media
  2. Update – make it easy for customers to find the info they need
  3. Narrowcast or broadcast messages – decide who gets which message
  4. Entertain—keep customers entertained while waiting for vehicle service … or
  5. Assist – provide emergency road service

The customer loyalty app provides the foundation for white label apps for various dealers. Its monthly subscription model is the most cost-effective solution in the market to engage customers through their mobile phones.

Accelerate is an end-to-end integrated in-house media solution which can be centrally controlled via single remote control app.


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